Sticking with fitness posts this week.  What you’re looking at here is the photo I took of myself on January 2nd, the morning I started Operation Trim.  I’ve taken this same photo 12 times since this one, and it wasn’t until this week that I really saw the difference 20 pounds makes.  My face is considerably thinner.  I have always gained weight first in my face, and have also lost it first in my face.  Kristina has noticed that my posterior has reduced in size (thanks, I’m sure to the running), and my belly must have decreased (although, I really don’t see it yet) as my pants and sweaters fit better.

Sure, the zoom on the photo is not the same, but I have almost the same expression.  Mouth is turned down; eyebrows slightly knit.  But this week, there is only one chin.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of the weight loss in my face is due to reduced alcohol consumption.  At 34 years old, I shouldn’t be drinking like a college kid, but there are some things coming up that will involve more drinking than usual.  For instance, I have a going away party to attend on Friday, a friend is in town on Saturday.  Next week I’m going to Opening Day at Citi Field (Let’s Go Mets!).  The end of next month is my fraternity’s alumni weekend.  Then there’s Memorial Day and Fourth of July, and Pete’s bachelor party.  What’s better than sitting outside in the summer drinking a cold beer?  I can’t think of much.

Bottom line, if I want to stay trim through the summer, I need to keep my consumption of alcoholic beverages to a minimum.  Stick with the lighter beers, avoid anything overly sugary, and keep the number of drinks down.  Honestly, since I started this I can’t even handle the amount of alcohol I used to consume.  I guess that’s a good thing.

Special post coming tomorrow.  Not about style or fitness…