Lost weight again this week.  Almost 1 lb.  Good, but not great.  I attribute this almost entirely to running.  Yeah, I ate well for most of the week.  This past weekend though, oh man.  I never go out drinking late anymore.  This past weekend, however I stayed out late both Friday & Saturday, drank a considerable amount, and sang karaoke…both nights.  But I also ran 4 times last week including twice over the weekend.  It makes a difference.

This week will be a bit more of a challenge.  I travel today and tomorrow.  Luckily I am staying at a good hotel with a good gym.  Hopefully I get home early enough on Wednesday to go out for a run before Kristina gets home.  Then on Thursday I am going to Opening Day at Citi Field.  I am going with a friend who is also using Weight Watchers, so my guess is we’ll both do our best to keep the bad food and beer consumption to a minimum.  Then Friday night is the first Passover Seder.  Contrary to popular belief (amongst the non-Jews) this is never a light meal.  True, we don’t eat any bread, and don’t drink any beer, but matzoh is heavy.  Matzoh balls are heavy.  The wine is heavy.  We eat brisket!  I hope it doesn’t break my mother’s heart when I only take about half the food I normally do.  They’re all on Weight Watchers too, so my guess is we’ll be ok.

So, now I know what it feels like to lose 20+ lbs.  Can’t wait to lose some more!