I’m playing hooky from work this afternoon*, & heading over to Citi Field for Opening Day – Mets vs. Braves. Like many long-suffering Mets fans I don’t have a lot of lofty expectations for the 2012 season, but it is what it is, and I am a fan.  I will always root for my team through thick & thin.  And as frustrated as I get with them, I will always be loyal.

The Mets have a pretty good Opening Day record, and with Johan Santana marking his return to the mound for the first time since mid-2010, let’s hope they can pull out another win!  And if not, at least I will enjoy some tacos or a hot dog, watching the game and the team I love, hang out with my friend Pete, and enjoy an afternoon off from work.


*Not really playing hooky.  The boss knows.  I’m not that stupid.