Passover is one week out of the year when the Jewish people, my people remember the Israelites Exodus from Egypt.  It is also the week that I had traditionally used to drop a few unwanted pounds.  Because we are not allowed to consume any sorts of leavened wheat products this week (among other leavened products) I am limited to fruits, vegetables, proteins, and if I choose to eat matzo, small amounts of carbs.  This week I do not eat bread, cereal, oatmeal, chips of any sort (I have a Doritos weakness), pasta, beer, or whisky, plus beans, rice, corn, etc.  I am certainly not the strictest of Jews, but I feel what I do benefits me spiritually and in helping to add a little boost to my weight loss.

This week I lost 1.3 lbs.  With the way I have been eating so far this week, I would not be surprised if I managed to lose another 2 lbs or so by next Tuesday.  I feel great!  My pants are loose.  Medium shirts are fitting me.  I’m running without pain.  It’s awesome!  And lately I have been on this smoked fish kick which is probably helping me out as well.  Lots of protein and healthy oils in fish.  In fact, all this week I have been eating smoked salmon on matzo crackers with a bit of cream cheese and a caper for breakfast.  It’s been wonderful.  And it’s only a handful of Weight Watchers points.  The crackers are about 4 points, the fish 2 points, the cream cheese another 2 points.

I realize though after looking at today’s photos that I either need to 1) sleep more, or 2) take the photos after I’ve returned from the gym, and have showered, or both.  I have a great DSLR.  I should have my wife take my photos in front of a blank wall.  I think it would be more flattering.  Not that this is about vanity…well, yes it is.  Partly.  It’s about my health, vanity, and sticking to a plan in order to achieve a goal.  I am 11.6 pounds away from my goal of 165.  Perhaps I’ll get there and realize I need to drop another 5 lbs, and I’m ok with that.  Or maybe I will be satisfied.  We’ll see…