Drop Dead Healthy

Thin-spirational Reads would have sounded better, but it doesn’t go with my theme of Operation Trim, so here you go.

There have always been self-help books for weight loss and fitness.  I’ve even read a couple of them.  Many say the same shit – trying to get you to go on some fad diet that works in the short-term, but in the long-term you have to revisit because once you go off of that “diet” you gain everything back.  When I started Operation Trim, a friend of mine tried to get me to sign up for a weight-loss program she was involved with that used a series of shakes as meal replacement.  Now, I am not knocking this system.  This works for many people, and her intentions were good, but I declined because I had no desire to go on a program that had me eating anything other than real food.  Weight Watchers for Men has me eating real meals, just smaller, and more closely monitored, and not only have I lost over 20 lbs so far (at a slow and steady pace) but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Anyway, this post is about books.  The three I have chosen to share are all based in “reality” – realistic plans that produce realistic results.  The first one, Drop Dead Healthy by Esquire contributor, A.J. Jacobs (no relation) is a chronicle of his two-year plan to become as healthy as possible.  The April issue of Esquire highlights some of the nuggets of the book such as the treadmill originally being invented as a torture device, or how multi-vitamins don’t really do anything or how there is a lack of any sort of benefit to a juice cleanse.  I feel like this would be a good read for anyone looking to really get started on a path of just being a healthier person rather than on any one specific diet.  I’ll read it.

Weight Loss Boss: How to Finally Win at Losing–and Take Charge in an Out-of-Control Food World

David Kirchhoff is the man behind the plan that I use, Weight Watchers for Men.  In fact, he is CEO of the entire company.  I’ve stated it before, and I’ll say it again – I now swear by this plan.  I eat everything I had eaten before, just less of it.  Yesterday I was hungry all day long.  So I ate.  I earned 6 activity points for running on the elliptical yesterday, and I used them all.  I even had two glasses of wine.  It was just one of those days.  And do I feel guilty like I just destroyed all the effort I’ve put into my plan to this point?  Hell no!  I feel fine.  I feel better than fine!  I feel healthy!  This book comes out on May 8th.  I’ll probably give it a read…while I’m on vacation someplace warm, sitting on the beach, not feeling self-conscious about my shirtless torso in the least.

Eat This, Not That! 2012: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

David Zinczenko from Men’s Health magazine has turned a simple column into a successful series of books.  Eat This, Not That is perfect for a guy like me.  I’m constantly on the road for work, and often find myself hungry with nothing in sight save for a McDonald’s, Burger King, or some other ubiquitous fast food option.  These books help you make better choices in these situations.  So instead of ordering a Big Mac with fried and a Coke, I instead order the grilled chicken sandwich without mayo, and a side of bbq sauce, seltzer, and no fries.  Really, who needs fries?  Sure, they are delicious, but don’t you feel just a little bit dirty after eating them?  You can stick to your plan, and enjoy your meal while eating at these places.  These books are filled with healthier suggestions.  I only own the original version, but I do recommend any of them to anyone who has trouble making healthier choices.