Another week down, another few ounces down.  It was not a great loss this week, but not terrible either.  At least I didn’t gain anything, right?  Passover was easy.  It was the three days that followed that were detrimental.  I broke Passover Saturday night over a poker game complete with beer, chips, pizza, and Oreo cookies.  I said I would only eat four cookies…I said.  Everybody knows you can’t put an entire package of Oreos in front of a guy who LOVES Oreos, and expect him to eat only four.  Then, on Sunday I had a bagel, a couple of beers in the afternoon, and a little pasta at night.  Then yesterday I planned on eating not much at all in preparation for my weigh-in, but ended up at a friend’s family house last night to pay a shiva call, and of course there was ruggaleh…

Anyone who says they don’t have a single food weakness is a liar.  We all have them.  The trick is to fight the cravings.  Even if you manage to do that 99.9% of the time, there will always be those moments of weakness.  I’m not perfect, and Weight Watchers is not a perfect plan, but it’s still working.  Hopefully I’ll drop at least a pound next week.  But if it’s less than a pound, but still a loss, so be it.  Slow and steady wins the race.

And speaking of races, I’ve signed up for two.  I’m running a 4 mile race in Central Park the first week in June, and a 10K on Governor’s Island the last week in June.  Last week I tweaked my left hamstring, and did something to a tendon in my right ankle.  They’re both a little sore & stiff, and may keep me from jogging this week, but I’m not worried about long-term delays.  And in other news, Kristina and I have booked a little vacation for mid-May to the Caribbean.  All the more reason for me to stick to my plan.  Who doesn’t want to look good on the beach, right?