These here internets are chock-full of style inspirations.  One look that has caught my attention as of late is the travel, or utility jacket.  There are a number of varieties floating around (1) featuring options from Woolrich (4) – sold at J.Crew & Bonobos – to Uniqlo (3), Brooks Brothers (2), and Spiewak (5) also sold at BonobosSuit Supply even has their own version which is pretty nice (6).

With all the traveling I do, this style and color jacket appealed to me in more ways than one.  It looked substantial, yet compact, lots of pockets, but not overloaded with adornments, lightweight, yet water-resistant, and most of them were available in the color that looks best on me, navy blue.  It could also be easily packed without the fear of wrinkling, or taking up too much space, and would even make a decent makeshift pillow on a long flight.

I mulled over a number of these options for the last few weeks before finally deciding on the Spiewak option.  I came to my decision based mostly on price.  Bonobos was offering the jacket for $120, and with a $25 discount it clocked in at under $100.  The Uniqlo version is priced similarly (actually less), but is not available in navy.  The other three range from $299 to $399.  For me it was at least worth trying.

I first ordered a Medium.  I have a similarly styled jacket from J.Crew that is Medium, and it (now) fits fine.  Turns out this jacket is cut WAY smaller.  In fact, I ended up sending it back in exchange for a Large which is still slightly smaller than the J.Crew medium.  But, as you can see it does fit.  It’s comfortable.  It’s lightweight.  My wife likes it on me.  Win!

The only real drawbacks of the jacket are there are no interior pockets, and the sleeves are a little long.  Not the end of the world.  I wore the jacket last week on a business trip to the Boston area.  Driving up I wore a suit, but the next day was more laid back.  The sun was warm, but the air was cool enough to warrant wearing a jacket.  As I drove down I95 back towards New York I realized I really enjoy my job; I enjoy traveling for my job, and now I have this awesome jacket to take me from place to place.

1. Most ExeRent bRog | Jacket by Muji
2. Driving Jacket | Brooks Brothers | $298
3. Field Blouson | Uniqlo | $59.90
4. Woolrich John Rich & Bros.™ Travel Jacket | J.Crew | $395
5. Spiewak Navy Ash Field Coat | Bonobos | $120
6. Nylon Field Coat | Suit Supply | $299