I’ve passed mile marker 175, and I’m in the 10 pound home stretch.  It’s been a fun journey, and I have enjoyed seeing the results of my hard work.  With the outdoor drinking and barbecue and beach season just around the corner I will need to remain diligent and focused.  Next week, Kristina and I leave for a 5 day trip to St. Maarten in the Caribbean.  I have 10 days to try to lose another two pounds or so.  I’d like to get to the island hovering just above 170.  So, for the next 10 days I will eat only protein, fruit, and vegetables after breakfast.  I will do some sort of exercise every day.  AND, I will not drink.  This will be ever harder since Saturday is Cinco De Mayo.  While I am not Mexican, I’m sure friends will want to throw back a couple margaritas.  I will just have to decline.  I could say I will limit myself to 1-2 beers, but what’s the fun in that?  I even thought of challenging myself.  Yeah, I thought that maybe if I could run 6 miles on Saturday morning, then I could treat myself to a few drinks Saturday night.  OR, I can run six miles, and NOT drink anything Saturday night, and THEN get up Sunday morning and run again.  What do we think?  Yeah, I think I will save my drinking for the beach.

This past weekend, I was up in Oneonta, NY for my fraternity’s 45th anniversary alumni weekend.  We had an amazing time hanging out and catching up over beers, etc.  However, one of the highlights of the weekend was the 5.3 mile run a few of us completed Saturday morning.  One brother – let’s call him Crazy in Shape for an Old Guy Chris – led the way through the wooded hills behind Hartwick College.  I thought I was getting to be a pretty decent runner until I did this.  The steep inclines are a new thing for me.  I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.  I had to walk a little bit of the way, but I managed to get through the whole thing.  I was exhausted afterwards, but neither my leg or my ankle hurt afterwards.  Later that day, another brother – let’s call him Crazy Former Marine Current Cop Carved Out of Wood Ian – said he wanted to run up to campus Sunday morning, and invited me along.  Reluctantly I accepted his challenge.  The next morning, however we all agreed that we were too hung over to attempt it.  Such is life after a quality bender.

I find that I have a pile of clothing building up in my closet that is either in the eBay pile, give away pile, or tailor pile.  This is a good thing, right?  It’s amazing what a difference 24 lbs really makes in how your clothes fit.  Last week I threw on my go-to Gant navy blazer for a couple of business meetings, and lo & behold I was swimming in the damn thing.  That one is going in the tailor pile.  I already brought my tailor a few items last week; looks like I’ll be bringing him some more.  Stay tunes for a preview of my eBay store.  Spread the word.  You may even find something you’d like to buy!