Here I am; over four months into my physical transformation.  Another .9 down this week, over 20 pounds lost at an average of around 5 pounds per month, or just over a pound per week.  This I think is not bad.  It’s not great either.  There are many out there who are able to lose a lot more than I have to date, and are keeping it off.  But there’s a difference.  I haven’t stopped enjoying beer and pizza and ice cream and M&M’s.  I don’t eat these things as often as I once did, and certainly not in the portion sizes to which  I was once accustomed, but because I have kept these things in my diet to a certain degree I have managed to lose weight while keeping my body used to this sort of “junk food,” and in turn should be able to keep the weight off once I reach my ultimate goal of 165…it’s just taking me a little bit longer to get there.

So I didn’t drop to 172 before going to the islands.  So what?  I feel comfortable with my current weight.  I am fitting into smaller clothes.  if you can see the pile behind me in the top photo you’ll see it’s made up of items pulled from my closet that are just way too big at this point.  Once I get back from vacation, I will put many of these items up for sale.  Going to try a “shop” through this site before I go the eBay route, just to give it a try.  If you wear a men’s Large from J.Crew, or size 34 pants, there may be something in there for you.  Good prices – trust me.

Since starting Weight Watchers & Operation Trim I have noticed that many friends of mine have also made the commitment to losing the excess pounds, and committing to a healthier lifestyle.  For my Week 21 post (yes, mathletes that’s 2 weeks out) I want to post before/after photos of some of you for inspiration to others.  Even if you are in the midst of a longer program (like me) I still think it is exciting to see these transformations, and who knows, you may even be an inspiration to others.  I’ll start it off (below).  If interested, please send me (2) photos dated, and with your weight in each photo.  If you are still working towards a lower number, send me that number as well.  Like so…

Now, it’s your turn.  Please send photos to