These dropped last week, so I apologize for the delay in my review.  As far as I can tell, nobody has ever asked yet I continue to deliver my take on the latest batch of new arrivals from J.Crew, but here it is.  This month the once preppy powerhouse turned ubiquitous fashion-forward every-house brings us another dose of the practical and risky and downright weird.  There are lots of horizontal stripes (bad for the husky), lightweight fabrics, and slim cuts, all of which are good for the impending summer swelter.  Personally, I really like a couple of the new jacket options.  Not crazy about what they’ve done with polos.  Over all, they’ve added a few cool things that I will proceed to review, in no particular order…now.

Washed linen sportcoat $218

I have been looking for a laid back, casual sport jacket in linen.  My first choice would be something in navy, but I should probably try to change things up a bit – I mean, 76% of my wardrobe is navy and grey.  I really like the cuts of their jackets these days.  And with all the weight I’ve lost, I may even fit into the medium.  I will try this in the store.

Wallace & Barnes chore jacket $288

This looks like it would be a chore to wear.  Hardly smells of summer, and it looks like a uniform piece for the North Korean army.  Skip.


Stanton short in yarn-dyed stripe $98

Ok, but certainly not meant for those with a few extra pounds.  Horizontal stripes are the least flattering look for anyone even slightly overweight.  I just started to feel comfortable in a sweater.  I’ll wait on the shorts.

Stanton short in floral $78

Yes, I’d probably even wear floral shorts before I wore striped shorts.

Soludos® for J.Crew navy espadrilles $36

I really will say that I randomly selected the order of the photos, and I did not plan on inserting only the items I dislike first.  I do not dig the espadrilles.  But I am not surprised to see J.Crew jump on the bandwagon.  If you do like these shoes, the price is right, and they appear to be well made.  ‘Nuff said.

Mariner-stripe sweater $79.50

I am not 100% opposed to horizontal stripes.  I like them in a sweater.  The introduction of a little bit of orange is a nice touch against the navy blue.

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in faded gingham $64.50

Gingham has been my go-to pattern for much of the past few years.  The few I wore rather regularly are feeling a bit too loose these days.  I like the color and grid size on this one.

 Patchwork plaid sportcoat in Ludlow fit $298

Not quite Go-To-Hell patchwork, but as close as I would dare tread.  Summer is the time to be a little more colorful and experimental, but I still prefer my blues & greys.  I like this jacket a lot.

Bowery heather twill in urban slim fit $88

I bought these two years ago in classic fit.  I’m inclined to re-buy them in slim fit, or to have my tailor make mine fit more like these.  See, one of the downsides of dropping 25 pounds is you need to either buy new clothes, or tailor the ones you currently own.  I have been doing both.  It’s fun and exciting, but expensive.

Alden® for J.Crew limited-edition flex-toe navy suede chukkas $515

There are few things in this world that I love more than a good old suede chukka.  I have a pair of the ubiquitous desert boots in dark tan, and a dressier pair in dark brown that I purchased in Germany.  These are a bit pricey – even for Aldens – but, damn do they look good.  And I bet they’re really comfortable.  And I bet they would last a long time.  See how I’m trying to convince myself?

 Ebbets Field Flannels® for J.Crew twill ball cap $45

 Contrary to the name of this cap, it’s actually made out of cotton twill.  It’s nice to see that they’ve thrown us some options other than wool flannel.  Even in the winter time I can’t wear those because I sweat too much from my gigantic head.  It’s true – big craniums run in my family.  You’d think we’re smarter for it?  Eh.  I like this better than the wool New York option.  This time around they have a couple Brooklyn options too.  Problem with this one is it looks too much like a Yankees hat.  Sorry, Ebbets Field Flannels®, maybe next time.

You can view all of these, plus more new arrivals at  And as a bonus, they are offering 30% off sale items starting today.  Whoo hoo!