Kristina and I have been catching up on The Weight of the Nation on HBO.  It’s an interesting series about the obesity epidemic that we have here in the US.  Our fast paced, fast food culture has made many of us overweight or obese.  It surprised me to find out that is takes very little extra cushion to be considered obese.  Take me, for example.  At my heaviest I weighed in at 198 lbs.  For a guy my height (about 5′ 8″), 198 lbs is considered to be on the low-end of obese.  This took me completely by surprise.  I always thought obese people were those “fat slobs” you saw holding down the fort at McDonald’s counters.  I knew I was heavy, but I never thought I was obese.

Another thing mentioned in the series was the fact that once you have been overweight or obese, even when you finally get to an ideal weight, you’ll probably never again be able to eat the way you once did.  So, if it was in my head to get down to my goal weight, then start eating pizza and wings again (while still exercising) I can forget all the hard work, because I’ll put all the weight right back on.  Two subjects of the episode who had been obese were now down to eating 1200 and 1400 calories per day just to maintain their newly slender figures.  After figuring out my top BMI, I went ahead and calculated my current weight BMI (174.4 @ 5’8″ = 26.5) which is currently 1.5 points into the overweight category.  Normal, healthy BMI is 18.5 – 24.9.  When I reach my goal of 160-164 I will be at the high-end of that scale.

Regardless, I do think that BMI numbers may be a little skewed.  For me to be in the middle of healthy BMI I’d have to weigh in well below 160 which I don’t think would be a very good look for me.  My wife doesn’t want me to look like a pipe cleaner, and neither to I.  Plus, a friend of mine who is a few inches over 6′, has recently lost 35 lbs, and looks great is still considered to be well overweight because of the BMI numbers.  To look at him you’d never think that.  You’d think he looks big, muscular, and lean.  That’s why I think my goal of 160 is a very good, maintainable number.  I did not lose any weight this week.  In fact, I had been up, but balanced out this morning.  It was a holiday weekend.  I ate more than I should, drank more that I should, and didn’t exercise for two days.  I guess it’s true – I will never be able to go back to the way I was before I gained all the weight.  I’m also not 22 anymore.  I turn 35 this year.  I have two races coming up this month.  I need to consume calories with those things in mind.  I intend to weight in next week at 172.  And at 170 the week after that.  And by the time I run my 10K on June 24th I want that number to be close to 165.  Come on, my friends.  Cheer me on.