Wow!  What a week!  After about 6 weeks of idling around the 175 mark, I’ve finally broken through the plateau and have something to show for it.  And I did it with a bachelor party weekend in Montreal.  We drank a fair amount, ate a burger, poutine, a good steak, and big breakfasts.  But on Saturday we were on our feet all day at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.  I drank nothing all day.  Plus we had a big breakfast so late on Saturday & Sunday that we just flat-out skipped lunch.  It wasn’t needed.  The weekend was amazing, and the bachelor was very happy, and I didn’t ruin my diet.  Win!

This loss also means I went down another point on the Weight Watchers plan.  I started my diet at 42 points per day (plus 49 extra weekly points, and whatever I earn in physical activity) and am now at 36 points per day.  The Points Plus plan keeps me honest.  If I lie, I’m only lying to myself, and I end up not losing weight.  And that’s just stupid.

Another thing that’s continuing to help is the running.  I have a 10K at the end of this month.  Every time I go out for a run now I push myself to go a little bit further.  I won’t be happy until I’m able to run that 10K (about 6.2 miles) without feeling too exhausted.  Yesterday I clocked 5.38 miles in 48 minutes.  I ran just under 9 minute miles.  If you’d asked me a year ago if I saw myself doing this I would have called you crazy.  But I was determined to become a runner.  Now I love it!  NYC Marathon?  Maybe one day.  For now, I’m just looking forward to breaking the 170 mark on my way to my goal.  I turn 35 in September.  It would be awesome to be at my best weight, and in my best shape ever by that day.  Yeah…