Here we are again – new arrivals day at J.Crew.  Since I’ve really been keeping on top of this over the last few months, there have been some really cool and exciting things that have made their way to the pages of my favorite store’s catalog, and then there are months, like this one, where I could take it or leave it.  Mostly I’ll leave it.  And it’s not because the clothes are bad.  Far from it.  It’s more like as I was sifting through the seven pages of new arrivals, I didn’t really see too many “new” items.  See, to make their New Arrivals section look beefier, J.Crew tends to show some of the same items over and over.  Sometimes they are available in new colors; sometimes it’s exactly the same.  Today I didn’t see too much that impressed me, but when I did like I will share with you all now.

 Summerweight twill shirt in Winnicut plaid $75

There are about 6 versions of this shirt – a summer weight version of a typical flannel – available right now.  Most resemble versions of shirts we’ve grown familiar with in J.Crew’s fall & winter offerings.  Now, those of us who wish to don our heavy (looking) plaids year round have a way to do it without necessarily sweating it out.  I like the colors in this one.  It could probably take me through the end of the summer (3 months away) into the first few weeks of fall.  I don’t wear a lot of heavy checked plaid, but I really do like this shirt.

 Secret Wash lightweight shirt in lagoon plaid $64.50

Sticking with the plaid theme, J.Crew also has a few new offerings in their lightweight secret washed shirting.  I would probably wear one or two of these before committing to a lightweight twill.  I like the way these plaids look with shorts on a sunny afternoon enjoying a few beers and bbq with friends.  Makes me wish I had a back yard.

 Stanton short in lightweight chambray $69.50

I am a fan of the Stanton shorts.  I am not such a big fan of the whole chambray phenomenon.  However, I do imagine these shorts would be very lightweight, and therefore would help in preventing that sensation many of us men know as swamp crotch.  Of course, the proper underwear helps to prevent that too.  As does going into an air-conditioned room, jumping in the ocean, a good shake, etc.

Indigo slub jersey polo in thin stripe $85

I wear polos often during the warmer months.  Last weekend I was at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal.  It was a hot, sunny day.  I was wearing a t-shirt that kept my chest fairly cool, but left my neck exposed to the sun.  Had I been wearing a polo; especially one in lightweight slub jersey like this one, I could have popped the collar and solved that problem instead of reapplying the sunblock 6 times.  That, by the way is the only time a popped collar is acceptable – to keep the sun off of your neck.

 Fleece toggle hoodie $98

Sweatshirts are one of those items that for many years you only saw in two basic versions – the crew neck, and the hoodie (pullover or zip).  Today, however companies do all sorts of crazy things with them.  Here, J.Crew has combined the styling of a toggle, fisherman’s style sweater with the softness of fleece.  Let’s face it – the beach gets cool at night.  Are you going to throw on a good cashmere sweater?  No.  A sweatshirt?  Absolutely!  Why not be a little unique?  This is cool.

That’s really it.  I didn’t see any suits, pants, sport jackets, ties, socks, shoes, or clever accessories that jumped out at me this time around.  To be fair, it is June.  This is the time of year when most of us have purchased all we need for summer, and are not yet thinking about Fall.  Come July when your favorite baseball team appears to be out of contention, and the heat is getting on your last nerve, you will start to wish for the crisp fall days, and then, only then will the new, heavier items begin to appear.  And you will think about them.  And you may purchase them.  Because that’s how retail works.  I’ve been in the business, myself for a long time and it’s a vicious cycle.  We love it.  We hate it.  It is what it is.