Not a big loss this week, but I’ll take it.  Especially considering I went to the baseball game last night and ate a fried bologna sandwich from Blue Smoke.  I only had two Beck’s Light beers, and some sunflower seeds in addition.  I must have burned most of it off rooting for R.A. Dickey who threw his second consecutive one-hitter.  He had a career high 13 strike outs, and completed the game.  The Mets went on to win 5-0 thanks to an Ike Davis Grand Slam, and a David Wright RBI single.

Don’t have much time to write today.  Need to get on the road in a bit to head to NJ for a couple of meetings.  I haven’t been sleeping well so far this week, but need to fix that so I can get in my rest, and get up and exercise.  I am running a 10K this coming Sunday.  I’ll get in a run this afternoon, and will try to get in another one on Thursday.  I should try to do it in the morning before the temperature hits 97 – yikes!  Then a light elliptical run on Saturday, and I’ll be ready to roll.

Have a great rest of the week!