Whoops.  Looks like I gained this week.  It’s not a lot.  But for some reason, I’m more annoyed with myself this week than I had been any other week I gained.  It’s like, what was so important this past week that forced me to eat and drink more than I should, and exercise less?  There is no real excuse for this.  And I know it shouldn’t be a big deal – people gain – but I was really hoping to break the 170 mark this week, and ride out the final 10 pounds to the end of the summer.  Whatever.  It is summertime.  I chalk it up to the birthdays, BBQ, beer, ball games…anything that starts with the letter B.  Tomorrow is July 4th.  We have a BBQ to attend.  Saturday, we have another one.  I just need to be diligent about my running, and to not snack during the work day.  That’s been another problem.  When I’m not on the road, I tend to get bored, and I eat.

The next few weeks will be a challenge.  Between this week, then my friend Pete’s wedding next weekend, there will be a lot of good food and booze, and I will just need to keep track of it all, and try not to overdo it.  It’s a long summer, and I still have 12.8 lbs to go before I reach my goal.  If I can manage to lose 1.2 lbs per week for the next 11 weeks, I will reach my goal of 160 by the first day of Fall / my 35th birthday.  Wish me luck.