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Where are the July new arrivals?  J.Crew is now offering 40% off of all Final Sale items.  This sort of clearance usually means a plethora of new arrivals is coming soon.  I’m starting to get to the point in the summer where I am longing for the cooler days of fall.  It’s been well into the 90’s every day for the last few weeks (ok, maybe only in the 80’s some days) and it is not comfortable.  I need to throw on a jacket and tie some days, and I will sweat right through it.  And with the weather patterns as they’ve been the last few years, who knows if we’ll even have much of a fall this year anyway.

So, while we wait for the new stuff to hit the stores and website, at least J.Crew was kind enough to update the catalog section giving me something to write about.  Above, I have posted a few looks from the catalog.  Most seem to represent what J.Crew does best – clean lines – comfortable, classic clothes.  I look forward to the fall’s selections in suiting, sport jackets, sweaters, cords, and outerwear.  If you’ve been following Operation Trim you’ll know that even through I’ve weighed in at pretty much the same thing for the last two months, I am still down over 20 pounds.  I’ve updated my spring/summer clothes to fit my new physique, but I will definitely need to make some adjustments to my cooler weather gear.  I’ll be happy to bust our a herringbone tweed sport jacket that hadn’t fit me for the past few years, and there’s another that will take a trip to the tailor.  I can already count three pair of pants that will need tailoring too.  Sweaters, however need to be sold and replaced.  Same goes for my coats.  But alas, it’s not even August.  I’ll enjoy the rest of the summer and wait patiently for the leaves to fall.