Like most Mets fans, I did not come into this season expecting a whole lot.  But they started the season going 6-2.  They are well ahead of the hated Phillies & Marlins, Johan Santana threw the team’s first no-hitter, & R.A. Dickey had been lights out.  Then the All Star break happened.  Something happened during those few days that completely changed this team.  They are now 1-9 since the break.  The starting pitchers have been ok, but have not won games.  The bullpen is a disgrace.  The hitting is atrocious.  Guys like Jason Bay shouldn’t even be playing.  I watched the game last night.  With the exception of letting up a 2-run bomb to that arrogant little shit, Bryce Harper, Chris Young was brilliant.  The Mets tied the game with solo shots from David Wright & Ike Davis.  The game could have gone either way, and should have been won by the Mets in the 10th.  But with Tejada on 2nd, Jason Bay grounded out, and ruined what could have been his hero moment of the season.

The next half inning was marred by a couple of bad fielding plays, and by miserable pitching by Pedro Beato.  He let up 6 runs without ever recording an out.  I continued to watch the game after the first run, but after the Nationals scored two more, I clicked it off.  Why do we Mets fans deal with this?  Why don’t we jump ship and become Yankees fans?  I’ll tell you why, because no matter how hard it is we remain dedicated to our team.  They’re not just our team – they are our cause.  Our mission.  The goal of the mission being a championship.

Weight loss is not all that different.  Despite the set backs, and basically playing .500 ball (remaining idle) for the last two months, I have continued to work at reaching my goal.  This week I dropped .8.  This is not a huge number by any means, but if I keep the momentum, I could pass the 170 mark in a week or so.  A nice little beach weekend planned for a few weeks from now is a nice extra bit of incentive for me to stick to it.  If I can be in the high 160’s by that weekend, I will feel I am on the right track.  Now, if only the Mets would make some real moves towards lifting themselves out of obscurity, and back into relevance this season, then perhaps I can have more than one thing to celebrate come the fall.  Let’s Go Mets!