I don’t know about you folks who read this, but I sure am getting bored of bouncing between 170-174.  I’m bored with writing about it.  I’m bored taking photos of myself looking exactly the same.  I’m bored of not dropping a pants size.  (By the way, I just noticed my cat, Simon doing his sexy kitty pose in the background.  He’s sexy and he knows it.)  So, yeah I’m bored.  I know I won’t lose any weight this week.  I’m going to my in-laws for Labor Day weekend, and we’ll be going on the boat and grilling, and drinking beer, and I’m not going to lose weight.  I will plan on running while there; maybe with Kristina’s brother, maybe alone.  And speaking of running, I took this week off.  My knee and hip have been bothering me.  What am I, 70?  But I did sign up for two more short races – a 5-mile race in October, and a 4-mile race in December.  I like running in the cold.

We’re less than 4 weeks from my 35th birthday.  By then I wanted to have reached my goal of 160.  If I can be in the mid 160’s by then I will be happy.  After Labor Day, I plan to buckle down and get back to dropping 1 1/2 – 2 pounds per week until I finish.  Then I can finally put this weight-loss journal to rest.

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends!