Last Monday I showed you what I would normally wear to visit a client for the first time.  The outfit could also work wonders for trade shows, entertaining customers, or having a quiet dinner with my wife in a more upscale restaurant.  Today, I do it a little more casually.  There was a time when I worked in an office.  It was a fairly casual workplace, but again we sometimes had to visit customers. And to me, there’s just something to dressing for work like you’re going to work.  While not always fancy, once should at least be presentable.  Today’s kit illustrates just the sort of thing I would have worn to work in those days, and would still wear now to meet with customers with whom I already have a relationship.  This would also work for casual NYC dinners and happy hour, family gatherings, or casual walks through the city.

Clockwise from the middle (model):

Oatmeal herringbone sportcoat in Ludlow fit | $328.00
The Ludlow silhouette fits me really well!  In addition to needing new suits to match my new physique, I also need a new sport jacket or two (in addition to taking others to the tailor).  This one is a nice, greyish herringbone that would go well with grey or navy trousers, chinos, or jeans.  I would wear this with or without a tie, and depending on the temperature, a v-neck sweater.

Abingdon messenger bag | $98.00
This bag is rugged and roomy like the one in last week’s kit, but a little more laid back.  While I definitely don’t need a new work bag, I would consider something like this to take on trips to cities where I may want to haul around a camera, notebook, & tablet, etc while keeping my hands free.  There may be a trip or two like that on my horizon…

Silk printed pocket square | $39.50
In my mind, a pocket square is more necessary with a sport jacket than it is with a suit.  It adds a bit of color and smooths the texture.  Trust me on this one.  I’m showing a tie up top too, but I would probably wear one or the other.  After a long time of boring, solid pocket squares, it’s nice to see something with a little pattern.

Stitched-Edge Belt | $59.50
Almost perfect match to the shoes.  J.Crew’s belts have improved in look and in construction.  Just waiting for their in-house shoes to do the same.

Alden® for J.Crew waxed Longwing bluchers  |$515.00
If I hadn’t bought the Allen Edmonds Dalton boots last year in this color, I would have strongly considered these.  Again, Alden is one of the best shoe makers out there, and these longwings work just as well with a suit as they do with jeans.

Slim Thomas Mason® fabric button-down shirt in green windowpane check | $135.00
I’m sticking with the Thomas Mason shirts for another kit because of the fabric and fit.  The regular line has a similar shirt in their famous washed cotton with either a purple or orange windowpane.  I like the green shown with this version.  The pattern is subtle enough to wear with the herringbone, but adds just enough color to pop.

LEE® For J.Crew 101 Slim Rider Jean in Rinse Wash | $160
I wear Levis 511’s.  J.Crew carries Levis, but as far as “looks” go, these were the closest to how I wear jeans for business.  In other words, I don’t roll my cuffs.  Believe it or not, this was the only style shown in a dark wash without rolled cuffs.  Really, guys?  We’re still doing that?

Mougin & Piquard™ for J.Crew Grande Seconde watch in cream | $425.00
Another watch option exclusive to J.Crew for a little less money.  It’s also a little more casual.  If I find that I have an extra $500 or so lying around later this year, I may strongly consider purchasing one of these.

Thin-stripe wool tie | $69.50
Again, I really like the wool ties for fall.  This one is simple enough to wear with this jacket, or with the grey worsted suit, or with anything else, really.

All items available at, and select J.Crew stores.