In last week’s kit, I showed an outfit that would work for a casual workplace, or a weekend hanging around in NYC.  Sometimes, however my wife & I like to get out of the city.  This could mean a drive to my parents’ house on Long Island, or to her family in Pittsburgh.  It could also be to drive upstate a bit to one of many state parks for apple picking, Oktoberfest, or just a quiet day alone.  For those days, there’s no need for me to wear a sport jacket.  There just isn’t.  In addition to their full line of business clothes, and business casual, J.Crew is still very good at casual casual.

Clockwise from the middle (model):

Barn Jacket™ | $168.00
If I didn’t already own the British Millerain® waxed cotton field jacket, I would buy this in a second.  It has ample pockets for my phone, notebook, and Nexus 7 tablet, plus keys and sunglasses, and a flask of my favorite bourbon or scotch.  It’s warm without being stuffy – perfect for those crisp fall days.

Abingdon duffel weekender | $198.00
Just sticking with a theme here, folks.  I would probably only need to carry a bag on these kinds of days if I am traveling to Pittsburgh, or plan on bringing something out to my parents’ house, or if I’m casually carting a six-pack of Pumpkin Ale, or a football, or you get the idea.

Leather square-buckle belt | $68.00
To hold my pants up…

Classic MacAlister boots in suede | $148.00
I love the MacAlister boots I own in dark khaki.  They have treated me well on trips to Paris, and to Oneonta, and most weekends in and around the city.  I’ve been contemplating a second pair, but the colors were always too similar until now.  My favorite summer shoe is a navy suede Sperry.  These will be the perfect fall substitute.

Flannel shirt in academic plaid | $79.50
Flannel is a great option for yard work.  I don’t have a yard.  So, I guess I will wear a flannel shirt when I want to look like I’m going to do yard work…or to head upstate to pick apples and drink pear cider.  Or to carve the Thanksgiving turkey.  Mmm, turkey.

Vintage Cord in Slim-Straight Fit | $75.00
Cords are a nice alternative to jeans or chinos.  They can also be worn to work in a more casual workplace.  I bought these last year one size too small…now they’re half a size too big.

Leather flask | $42.50
For that scotch or bourbon I mentioned earlier.

Slim Slub Merino Crewneck Sweater | $89.50
Finally, I show a sweater in a series of fall kits.  What took so long?  I don’t know.  I’ll have another post coming up relating strictly to cashmere where I will go through more sweaters.  I like this merino crew.  It has elbow patches!  That’s all I have to say about that.

All items available at, and select J.Crew stores.