Those of you who know me well (or maybe even not so well) know that I am a big fan of the James Bond 007 film series.  I have been watching Bond films since sometime in the 80’s when my dad and I were flipping channels, and landed on Octopussy.  Since then I have watched all films – some many times over – I’ve bought the merchandise, drank the drinks, and have even attempted Commander Bond’s style here and there.

James Bond has always had high, yet classic style, and from what we’ve seen so far for Skyfall (November 9th, US) lives up to the gold standard.  This week I present a series of kits based on Daniel Craig’s Skyfall wardrobe ranging from his suits, to the razor sharp tuxedo, and even a more casual option perfect for scorpion drinking games.  I look to my favorite outpost, J.Crew for most options, though you’ll notice a little something extra thrown in here and there as necessary.

In the image above (top) we see Bond on a motorcycle whipping through the streets of Istanbul in pursuit of…somebody.  He’s wearing a classic, medium grey suit, and a light tie, white shirt, and a pocket square.  We don’t see his footwear, but one can only imagine it’s something stylish, yet practical (for running, etc).  We can also see a glimpse of his watch which is undoubtedly an Omega, but for the sake of creativity I chose an option that he may wear had Omega not been an endorser of the film (no worries, the real one will show up later this week.)

Clockwise from top left:

Ludlow Suit in Grey Worsted Wool | Jacket, $425 Pants, $225

Mougin & Piquard™ chronograph watch in black | $695

Stitched-edge belt | $59.50

Thomas Mason® for J.Crew spread-collar dress shirt | $125

Alden® for J.Crew cap toe cordovan boots | $645

Bird’s-eye wool tie | $69.50

Walther PPK | $629 – $859, Smith & Wesson