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It was at a very young age that discovered that not all girls were stinky, and had cooties.  From my earliest days of not knowing exactly what I was feeling, to my pre-pubescent crushes, to those I thought about when I…anyway.

Here are just of the few that I have loved over the years.  Perhaps they will bring back fond memories for you too.  Though, if you’re just discovering these ladies for the first time, well…

Samantha Fox
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If you are a man, and you do not wear a suit to work every day, you still need ONE GOOD SUIT.  It should be properly cut and sized for your body, and properly tailored – you can make a cheaper suit look good with the right tailoring.  But a cheap suit tailored on the cheap is going to look cheap.  Period.

Dan does not wear a suit every day, but there are occasions when he needs one.  In my opinon, the best suit that could take you from weddings (day and night) to funerals, job interviews, important meetings, and any other time you need a suit is a basic, solid navy blue in 2 or 3 button.  The last part is a personal preference, obviously.  For Dan’s build, I think he would be best off in a two-button variety – one not so formal that he can’t wear the pants by themselves, or the jacket with a pair of chinos or dark jeans. The suit Dan is wearing in the photo above is a fine option in grey.  Below are some alternative options. Read the rest of this entry »

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